2017 Arbor Tips

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    To learn more, please visit the  and the  or contact the City , here are a few helpful tips:

    Buying Your Tree

    • Buy fresh from a reputable nursery or cut your own to help extend the life of the tree.
    • If you purchase a pre-cut tree, needles should not fall off so check for freshness by pulling your hand towards you along the branch.
    • Keep in mind that only a small percentage of trees that are kept indoors all winter can survive outdoors if you take that route. 

    Caring for Your Tree

    • Saw a couple of inches off the bottom of the trunk before setting it in water.
    • Watering is critical so never let the water level go below the tree’s base. 
    • Be sure to keep your tree away from heat.

    Reusing Your Tree

    • Use your tree as the base of a brush pile.
    • Sink old trees in your pond to make a cozy area for aquatic life.
    • Chip the tree into mulch or bring it to the free Keep Lowndes Valdosta Beautiful (KLVB) .

    To learn more, please visit .  Also, if you are interested in giving the “original green gift” this year, check out these options at the .