Arbor Division

The City of Valdosta works closely with our community to find a balance between our built and natural environments. As a Tree City USA for 31 consecutive years, the Arbor Division plays an important role in these efforts so that our urban forest is attractive, healthy and diverse. In addition, research has shown that trees and landscapes can provide a wide range of benefits including economic, environmental, safety, social, and overall well-being. To learn more, visit .

The Arbor Division is responsible for planting, maintaining, and protecting trees along city streets and public property. The division works closely with the Community Development Department to review landscape plans to ensure consistency with the city's tree and landscape requirements, as well as verifies tree protection and issues Tree Removal Permits. Once construction is complete, an Arbor Division representative visits each site to verify that all plant material has been installed correctly.


  • (ANSI)
  • - American Hort (2014)
  • (GUFC)
    • PSA's -
      • Crepe Myrtles
      • Tree Recycle
      • Trees Save Energy
      • Urban Landscape
      • Tree Planting
      • Tree Location
      • Tree Protective Habitat
  • (ISA)
      • Benefits of Trees
      • Choosing the Right Tree
      • Managing Tree Hazards and Risks
      • Plant Health Care
      • Planting a Tree
      • Pruning Your Trees
      • Tree Owner's Manual
      • Why Hire an Arborist
    • Purchase , such as:
      • ANSI A300 (Part 1) - Pruning Standard
      • ANSI A300 (Part 2) - Soil Management Standard
      • ANSI A300 (Part 3) - Support Systems Standard
      • ANSI A300 (Part 4) - Lightning Protection Systems Standard
      • ANSI A300 (Part 5) - Construction Management Standard
      • ANSI A300 (Part 6) - Planting and Transplanting Standard
      • ANSI A300 (Part 7) - Integrated Vegetation Management Standard
      • ANSI A300 (Part 8) - Root Management Standard
      • ANSI A300 (Part 9) - Tree Risk Assessment Standard
      • ANSI Z133 Safety Standard
  • Valdosta Tree Commission


Arbor Division
Stormwater/Arbor Manager

300 N. Lee Street


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