Drainage and Maintenance

In Valdosta, stormwater runoff is channeled through a complex system of catch basins, drainage pipes, outfalls, ditches, ponds, culverts, and wetlands which flow directly into our waterways. The Stormwater Division maintains these structures in order to keep them functioning properly.

Flooding or Drainage Problems

The City of Valdosta's stormwater system is designed to prevent flooding by transporting water away from developed areas. If you notice any broken and/or blocked storm drain or are experiencing some form of flooding, please contact the Engineering Department at 229-259–3530 between 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM and personnel will be dispatched to assist you. If it is after hours, please call 229-333–1832.

Maintenance Request

If you notice or experience any stormwater structure that is not operating correctly, please contact the Engineering Department at 229-259-3530. If it is after hours, please call 229-333-1832.

For more information, please contact the Stormwater Manager at 229-259-3530 or send an email to the - provides assistance related to dogs, cats, and/or any animal that may have been infected by the rabies virus (e.g. bats, raccoons, fox, etc.).

  • - provides assistance related to livestock.
  • - provides assistance related to bears, alligators, etc. To learn more, please visit .
  • All other issues related to snakes, rodents, possums, lizards, etc. should be referred to a private and/or exterminator depending on the animal and issue.

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