Flood Tracking

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) - has a number of helpful resources on topics such as Georgia's rivers, streams, groundwater, and water quality.

To help better understand floods and the importance of stream gages in our area, the USGS has published a new Flood Tracking Chart for the Withlacoochee River and Little River Basins in South-Central Georgia and Northern Florida. This document was the direct result of the City of Valdosta, neighboring communities and a number of state and federal officials working together following a regional flood preparedness meeting.

  • (Skipper Bridge Rd) - Forecast Available

  • (US 41) - Forecast NOT Available
  • (US 84) - Forecast NOT Available
  • (SR 37) - Forecast NOT Available
  • (SR 122) - Forecast NOT Available

In addition, the USGS has a number of helpful links for flood preparedness, such as:

Real Time Hydrologic Data

Flood Preparedness Products


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