Permit Requirements

What is required for a Residential New Construction, Accessory or Addition Permit?

  1. Zoning Approval letter (from jurisdiction you are working in) required if new construction or adding on to existing structure or the placement of a storage building.
  2. If permitting in Lowndes County a well/septic tank approval from the health department or Water and Sewer receipt from Lowndes County Water and Sewer.
  3. for Contractors (Required if card holders not present).
  4. Total Square Foot Calculator (Required for all Residential New Construction, Additions, and Accessory Buildings).
  5. If permitting in Lake Park, an approval form from the City of Lake Park.
  6. If permitting in Hahira, an approval form from the City of Hahira.

Requirements for other permit types

Review the steps to permit a Mobile 7070彩票 . Mobile 7070彩票s are different from other types of construction. Fill out a Demolition statement before permitting and be aware of Asbestos Regulations for Contractors and/or Owners. Pools have specific requirements for Enclosures, barriers and safety devices.


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