Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a dress code for court?

Appropriate dress is required for your admission into the courtroom. Hats and head coverings (except for religious or medical reasons), shorts, and visible underwear are not permitted.

What items are prohibited in the courtroom?

Purses, backpacks, food, drink, cameras, recording devices, umbrellas, and all electronic devices including: phones, iPads, Kindles, tablets and laptop computers, are prohibited.

I have a trial scheduled and have evidence on my phone, iPad or other electronic device; may I bring it to court?

Any evidence to be presented in court should be printed out; however, if you are unable to print out materials, notify the lobby Bailiff that you have evidence on your electronic device. If you are allowed to bring your electronic device into court, it must remain off until your case is called.

May I bring my child?

In order for the court to operate in an orderly and efficient manner, distractions must be kept to a minimum. If there are unforeseen circumstances that require your child to accompany you to court, or your child is a witness in a trial, please notify the court in advance.

Where is court parking located?

Parking around the court building is restricted. In order to not receive a ticket, please pay careful attention to all signs. There are several areas with ample parking in the block behind the courthouse on the east side of Briggs Street. For a map of approved parking areas or call 1-800-701-8560. There is a fee for using the online payment system.

I missed my court date and a warrant or failure to appear was issued. What should I do?

If you missed a court date, contact the Valdosta Police Department at 242-2606 to find out how to resolve your Failure to Appear.

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