Online Incident Reporting

To report a crime that is in progress, dial 911 for an immediate police response.

The Valdosta Police Department wants to make it easy for our citizens to report incidents which may occur. As such we have created a way for citizens to report incidents online using a computer. The purpose of this capability is two-fold. First, it allows citizens the flexibility to make reports of incidents 24 hours a day from any location where they have access to a computer and the internet. It also saves officers from having to respond to take reports that can be handled at the initial stage electronically.

Incidents that may be reported online are: THEFT, DAMAGE TO PROPERTY; TRESPASSING; SIMPLE ASSAULT; SIMPLE BATTERY. The requirements for making such reports are simple. The incident must have occurred within the city limits of Valdosta, the complainant must provide an e-mail address and the complaint must not be an emergency or crime in progress. Once the report is made and approved by a Police Supervisor, the complainant will receive a message via e-mail (at the e-mail address provided) depicting the case number and confirming the report has been made. If follow-up investigation is warranted, the complainant will be contacted by an officer or detective. Complainants are asked to provide as much information about incidents as possible (i.e. who, what, when, where, how and why).

For all emergencies or crimes in progress call 911. To report an incident online click below.