Industrial Pre-Treatment

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General Prohibitions [40 CFR §403.5(a)(1)]

No non-domestic user shall introduce into a Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) any pollutants which cause Interference or Pass Through.

Which Industries Must Be Regulated

1. All Categorical Industrial Users (CIUs) regardless of flow.
2. Significant Industrial Users ("SIUs"), which are industrial users that:
– Discharge an average of 25,000 gpd of process wastewater
– Contribute 5% or more of a POTW's average dry weather hydraulic or organic (BOD) capacity
– Are determined to have "reasonable potential" to adversely affect POTW's operation, or violate pretreatment standards or requirements.
3. Any other non-domestic user that discharges pollutants of concern.

Local Limits

  • Protect the POTW
  • Protect POTW personnel and general public
  • Improve sludge disposal options
  • Protect Water Quality
  • Protect NPDES Permit

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