Customer Portal FAQ

  • How much water am I using?
    You can view your water usage in a variety of ways in the SETflow Customer Portal. Your total usage for the prior 30 days can be found under your Account Details on the Usage page. Just look for ‘Consumption Last 30 Days’ for your total usage in gallons

    You can also view your water usage in the ‘Recent Water Usage’ chart. This chart is dynamic and allows you to select the time period over which you would like to view your consumption. You can view your daily water consumption over the past 30 days, the past 7 days, or hourly usage over the past 24 hours.


  • How do I sign up for water Usage Alerts?
    You can subscribe to a variety of water usage alerts from ‘Usage Alerts’ tile on the 7070彩票 page or from the Alerts & Communications tile in the ‘My Profile’ page of the Customer Portal. You can choose to receive water Usage Alerts by either email or text message.


  • How do I update my contact information to receive water usage alerts?
    Just click the ‘My Profile’ link at the top of the page and then select the ‘Contact Information’ tile. From that page you can update your email address and add multiple mobile phone numbers where you would like to receive text notifications.


  • What types of water usage alerts are available to me?
    The SETflow Customer Portal offers a suite of water Usage Alerts depending on your particular needs:
    • Flow Alert – If continuous flow is detected over a 24 hour period
    • Vacation Alert – If any flow is detected during pre-determined dates
    • Cold Weather Alert – If temperature drops below a selectable threshold
    • Water Usage Alert – If consumption exceeds a configurable percentage of your average water flow


  • Can I track my water usage alert history?
    All of your Usage Alerts are tracked and available to view under the ‘Usage Alerts’ tab at the bottom of the ‘Usage’ page. You can search the history for any type of alert on a particular date, or you can sort the alert list by alarm type, alarm data, or notification status.


  • I received a leak notification. What do I do now?
    Many common household leaks can be identified and easily repaired by you without the need for hiring a plumber. For some tips and tricks on finding and fixing leaks, take a look at this . Remember that leaks inside of your 7070彩票 are your responsibility and your water utility does not provide plumbing services.


  • How do I disable water Usage Alerts?
    When you subscribe to any Usage Alert you will see a green subscribed indicator next to the alert. Opening the alert dialog box will reveal a red ‘unsubscribe’ button. Simply click the button to cancel the alert.


  • How do I compare my water usage?
    In the ‘Recent Water Usage’ chart, you will see a ‘Compare’ link next to the pull-down menu where you select the range of water consumption you wish to view. Clicking the link reveals a pull-down menu where you can compare your usage with a prior time period. Just choose the date you wish to compare and then click the ‘Apply’ button. After a moment the graph will refresh and show you the prior 30 days of usage from the selected date, compared with your current period usage.


  • Can I download my water usage information?
    At the right side of the ‘Recent Water Usage’ chart you will see buttons to either export your data in a standard comma delimited format, or to download an image file of the consumption graph.


  • Is my water information secure and will it remain confidential?
    Ensuring the security of your personal data is our most important priority. Your data is encrypted and secured using industry best practices and is only available to you and to the staff at your utility. For more information on security practices, please review our .


  • How do I transfer or suspend water service?
    In the bottom of the ‘Account Details’ tile of 7070彩票 page you will see a button to disconnect or transfer water service. Just click the link and complete the request form. You will receive a confirmation from your utility once your request has been processed.


  • How do I report a water leak?
    To report a water leak or if you have any other questions, simply click the ‘Support Center’ link at the top of the page and complete the online form. Your utility will respond to your request as soon as they possibly can to help you address any issues or concerns.


  • How can I save money on my water bill?
    There are a number of things you can do to save money on your water bill. Some of these actions involve changing your water usage behavior, like taking shorter showers. Others involve installing water saving devices such as low flow toilets. For a comprehensive list of suggestions on how you can save water and money, .


  • What do I do if I have more questions?
    If your questions were not answered in this FAQ, please submit any additional questions to your utility using the ‘Support Center’ contact form. They will be happy to provide you with any information that you need to ensure you are satisfied with your water service.